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Serra J. McConnell

Dry-clean this
Sorting Application

1)Name: Serra J. McConnell

2)Age: 38

3)Gender: female

4)If you were an animagus, what form would you take
and why: cat...I play a faerycat in my medieval re-enactment group.

5)What is your favorite class taught at Hogwarts: Care of Magical Creatures

6)What is your favorite class taught in muggle
schools: Literature

7)Who is your favorite character in the books: Hermione

8)Who is your favorite character in the movies: Hermione

9)What would you see if you looked in the Mirror of
Erised: a workable plan for world peace

10)If you were a metamorphmagus, what would you look
like most often: faerycat

11)Name a song that describes your feelings or
personality: Red Hot Chili Pepper's Under The Bridge

12)What is your favorite fantastical creature
(hippogriff, vampire, elf, ect): Unicorn

13)Favorite color: Cobalt Blue

14)Favorite movie (with the exception of Harry
Potter): Name of the Rose

15)Favorite band/singer: Eric Clapton

16)Favorite actor/actress: Jane Seymour

17)Favorite sport: hockey

18)Anything else: nope.
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