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Will it be Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw? Come get sorted...

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This community is open! Fill out the Sorting Application down below and post it using the lj cut. I need teachers for every class except for Divination. If you're interested in a teaching position, prefect position, or Head of House position, put why you think you will be good at this in the Anything else spot. And, also, there is a quidditch RPG. Go to c2h_quidditch for more details.

Deputy Headmistress:xxoddballxx

Ancient Runes: OPEN
Arthimancy: OPEN
Astronomy: OPEN
Care of Magical Creatures: OPEN
Charms: OPEN
Defense Against the Dark Arts:OPEN
Divination: lotrobsessed
Herbology: OPEN
History of Magic: OPEN
Muggle Studies: OPEN
Potions: OPEN
Transfiguration: OPEN

~Community Rules~
I really don't have all that many rules, however there are a few:
1)House bashing IS NOT allowed (unless it's minor,
like 'my house is better than yours').
2)No racist, sexist or any other prejudice remmarks.
3)This journal is not to be used for anything but
Harry Potter related subjects. However, in the common rooms, you may talk about whatever you wish.
4)Cursing IS allowed, so if you don't like it or are
offennded easily, then don't bother joining.
5)Points will be awarded to people who post fan
fiction (Any rating is accepptable), icons,
graphics, or any other Harry Potter related things
that you make/write. However, I do ask that you use
the Live Journal cut when posting all of these
6)If someone posts graphics and you use them, PLEASE
8)Okay, this isn't really a rule, but I would really
love it if you guys would try your hardest not to
use chat speak in the communitty. It just really
ticks me off, but I'm not going to like kick you out
or freak out if you typeu instead of you. It's just
a suggestion.

Sorting Application
(use the lj cut please). I'll be outting these up as member profiles on the communitty website (not made yet).

4)If you were an animagus, what form would you take
and why:
5)What is your favorite class taught at Hogwarts:
6)What is your favorite class taught in muggle
7)Who is your favorite character in the books:
8)Who is your favorite character in the movies:
9)What would you see if you looked in the Mirror of
10)If you were a metamorphmagus, what would you look
like most often:
11)Name a song that describes your feelings or
12)What is your favorite fantastical creature
(hippogriff, vampire, elf, ect):
13)Favorite color:
14)Favorite movie (with the exception of Harry
15)Favorite band/singer:
16)Favorite actor/actress:
17)Favorite sport:
18)Anything else:

Points: 0
Common Room: c2h_gryffindor
Head of House: OPEN
Prefect: OPEN

Points: 0
Common Room: c2h_slytherin
Head of House: OPEN
Prefect: OPEN

Points: 0
Common Room: c2h_hufflepuff
Head of House: OPEN
Prefect: OPEN

Points: 0
Common Room: c2h_ravenclaw
Head of House: OPEN
Prefect: OPEN